Im trying to register the CRYSTL32.OCX but the error “LoadLibrary (“CRYSTL32.ocx”) failed – The specified module could not be found” keeps on occuring.

crystal report error

And i found out that in order for you to register crystl32.ocx properly, you need to copy the following files where crystl32.ocx is located;



After copying, try to register again crystl32.ocx by using regsvr32.exe application. It should be registered without any problem.

That’s it! If you have another solution, please dont hesitate to comment below.


  1. Thank’s a lot for that above solution, by using CRPE32.DLL, IMPLODE.DLL i could solve my crystl32 ocx regitering problem

  2. Thanks a lot for solution, by copying CRPE32.DLL, IMPLODE.DLL files into system32 , it becomes easy to register crystl32 ocx with regsvr32.exe


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