PC issues are frustrating. We all know that. And one of the most frustrating things about them is when they inexplicably restart on their own, often right in the middle of something important.

This can be maddening, especially if it happens at the worst possible time. You could be in the middle of an important project or game, and your PC restarts for no reason.

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Common reasons why your PC is automatically restarting

Have you ever felt that your computer doesn’t feel right? Maybe it’s been crashing a lot, or it’s been restarting on its own. If your computer has been performing one of these things, it could be because of a configuration issue with your operating system.

There are several possibilities for your operating system to get into this kind of trouble. The first is if your computer’s hardware or software is misconfigured. Either way, if your computer is restarting itself, it’s because something is probably wrong.

How to fix a PC that keeps restarting

If your PC is restarting itself, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

Update your PC’s BIOS

One of the first things you need to do is update your PC’s basic input/output system (BIOS). The BIOS is software that controls how your computer starts up. A problem with the way your BIOS is configured may be forcing your computer to restart.

You’ll need to go to your computer manufacturer’s website and download the latest BIOS update for your computer model to update your BIOS. Mine was an ASUS model, and I experienced the automatic restarting while I was in urgent report preparation for work. It was a tense week because my boss was breathing down my neck. Once you’ve downloaded the BIOS update, follow the instructions on the website to install it.

Check your computer’s power settings

If the automatic restarting continues, you can try to do another thing. You can check your computer’s power settings to see if there’s a problem with its configuration. Your computer may be restarting because it’s not getting enough power.

You can go to the Control Panel and click on “Power Options.” From there, you can choose different power plans for your computer. If you’re not sure which one to choose, try the “High Performance” plan. If you’re still having problems, you can try the “Balanced” or “Power Saver” plan.

Update your computer’s drivers

You can also try updating your PC’s drivers. These software programs allow your computer to communicate with its hardware. If there’s a new version of a driver available, it might be able to fix the problem.

Furthermore, if your computer is restarting because of a problem with its hardware, updating the driver might be able to fix it. You can go to your computer manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver updates for your computer model to update your drivers.

Scan your computer for malware

Another thing you can try is scanning your computer for malware. A virus or other malicious software could be causing the automatic restarting. You can use Malwarebytes, a free virus scanner. If you discover that your computer has been infected with malware, follow the directions on the website to remove it.

Restore your computer to an earlier point

Try restoring your computer to a previous state if none of the other options work. This will undo any changes to your computer’s configuration that may have caused the problem.

Go to the Control Panel and choose “System,” then “System Restore” to select a restore point.

Remember that this will remove any files that have been added to your computer since you restored it. So, if you have important files on your computer, you should back them up before doing this.

You can try these things if your computer is restarting itself. If none of these things works, you might need to take your computer to a repair shop.’


For several reasons, your computer may automatically restart or reboot. A problem with your computer’s BIOS or power settings could be a few. If you’re having trouble with automatic restart, try some of the suggestions in this guide to resolve the issue and bring your computer back to its good condition.



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